Dillon Francis - This Mixtape is Fire Too - CD


Ships on: July 17, 2024

Standard CD

1. "Okay Okay" with Eptic and IDK
2. "Killa Blues" with Maesic
3. "Can't Stop Me Now" with WILL K
4. "Mind Yo Bizness"
5. "This Is Balkan"
6. "Rainy" with REI AMI
7. "On A Trip" with Martin Hoeger
8. "G.A.S." with TV Noise
9. "I'm My Only Friend" feat. Arden Jones
10. "buttons!" with Knock2
11. "Free" with Alesso and Clementine Douglas
12. "LA On Acid" with Good Times Ahead
13. "Pretty People" feat. INJI
14. "Goodies"
15. "Don't Let Me Let Go" with Illenium feat. Evan Giia

Limited to 4 per customer.