OTR - Be Quiet, They're Listening - LP


Ships on: June 20, 2024

OTR crafts loving, buoyant electronic tracks bursting with optimism and catharsis. But the truth is, they are simply an extension of their creator, producer Ryan Chadwick. For him, making music began as an escape from strange, alienating circumstances, and has since blossomed into a burgeoning career with more than 200 million global streams, and a dynamic, ambitious sophomore album— Be Quiet, They’re Listening —due on Astralwerks in the summer. Boasting an explosion of dreamy synths and polished percussion, the record showcases the scope of emotion as well as meticulous attention to detail that elevates OTR’s work. Educated and trained as an aerospace engineer, Chadwick found himself heading to Japan in 2014 for an internship. It was there that OTR was truly born. When Chadwick returned to the U.S., music had gone from a casual hobby to a serious pursuit and he was already honing his skills and creating music that millions of listeners would soon discover. When the pandemic arrived in 2020, OTR signed with the storied electronic label Astralwerks and released his debut album, Lost at Midnight. Working with the likes of Shallou, Au/Ra, and Vancouver Sleep Clinic, among others, he crafted a series of reflective tracks that resonated—earning syncs on a Netflix soundtrack, Forza Horizon 5, and even a Super Bowl commercial. Now, Be Quiet, They’re Listening caps a challenging, rewarding period in which OTR found his sound and came to understand the healing power of music.

1. Be Quiet, They’re Listening
2. Heat Of The Sun (feat. JONES)
3. Leave You Behind (feat. Bipolar Sunshine)
4. Forever (feat. Lizzy Land)
5. Together We Are One
6. In The Summer
7. I Want To Feel
8. Apart Of Me (feat. Devault)
9. I Just Need (You)
10. Looking Down From Space (feat. Uffie)
11. Re(entry)
12. Can’t You (feat. Nana Lourdes)
13. Close Enough (feat. Kacy Hill)
14. Outro[2020]