Gorgon City - Olympia - 2LP


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Olympia is an album of pure escapism – an album designed to inspire people to get back out there again and enjoy life. Whilst Gorgon City have been no strangers to chart success, their sound is deeply rooted in club culture and live shows are a key part of Gorgon City’s appeal. Olympia is made up of 18 massive house tracks, a collection of Gorgon’s work over the past couple of years being on tour and in lockdown, and brimming with big club sounds. A transatlantic creative process, this is the first album where Matt and Kye have written the tracks completely separately due to being in different countries – Matt being in London and Kye now based in the birthplace of house, Chicago.


1. Gorgon City 'Tell Me It's True'
2. Gorgon City & Aura James 'Oxygen'
3. Gorgon City & Drama 'You’ve Done Enough'
4. Gorgon City & Jem Cooke 'Dreams'
5. Gorgon City & Cami 'Body Language'
6. Gorgon City 'When You're Gone'
7. Sofi Tukker & Gorgon City 'House Arrest'
8. Gorgon City & Hayley May 'Never Let Me Down'
9. Gorgon City 'Sweet Temptation'
10. Gorgon City & Drama 'Nobody'
11. Gorgon City 'Lost Feelings'
12. Gorgon City & Grace Grundy 'Tears'
13. Gorgon City 'Waiting For The Right Time'
14. Gorgon City & Jem Cooke 'Ecstasy'
15. Hayden James, Gorgon City & Nat Dunn 'Foolproof'
16. Gorgon City & Evan Giia 'Burning'
17. Gorgon City 'Thoughts Of You'
18. Gorgon City & Josh Barry 'Freedom'
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