Bluewerks Vol. 1 + 2 - LP


Ships on: July 17, 2024

Introducing BLUEWERKS: The first-ever collaboration series between the two iconic record labels Blue Note & Astralwerks. Bringing together a collection of lo-fi tracks pairing the best of downtempo electronica together with jazz-infused sounds while bringing influences from all corners of the world.

Black Vinyl LP

Side A: Bluewerks Vol. 1: Up Down Left Right
A1: Pete’s Prelude
A2: Zmeyev - Chilled Room
A3: Sebastian Kamae – Up
A4: Takeo -In The Meadow
A5: Saib - Pineapple Jam
A6: G Mills – Sassafras
A7: Hiyasu - Daylight
A8: Phlocalyst, LESKY,Satyr – Aloe

Side B: Bluewerks - Vol. 2: In Full Bloom
B1: Don’s Prelude
B2: Moods – The Good Things
B3: Hallucination Orbit – Waves
B4: Snaer. – Meditation
B5: Shrimpnose – Balloon
B6: Ameba – Post
B7: Martin $ky – Arriving Soon
B8: 7apes – Yards - USUG12100669